Whether for full-length features, shorts, or any film media project, we have the ability to create a convincing digital mock-up of original music, and the ability to record solo instruments or voices, for your film at competitive prices. Genres from fully classical orchestra to modern electronic and anywhere in between. We use Mark of the Unicorn’s suite of programs including Digital Performer, MachFive2 Sampler, Symphonic Instruments, the MX4 synthesizer, and East|West Composer’s Collection running on a MacPro Quad 2.8 GHz i5, Mac G5 dual 2.0 GHz and MacBook Pro. We can inport/export FinalCut, XML or OMF markers and create a surround sound mix of the score, dialogue and efx tracks.

Browse through my portfolio of film music on SoundCloud or bandcamp .  Please email me (mac [at] cooneystudio.com) if you would like to license any of this music for your film or project. I would offer a very reasonable rate. Here are a few select examples:

Film Music Cues: Vol. 1

Soundtrack from “Helen”


Soundtrack from “Old Days”


Soundtrack from “Honorable Retribution” – film by E. Jesus Nieves


Selected Music Cues